The question as to why should we stay safe online is a good one. It’s vital that when you are shopping and performing other tasks online, you protect your personal details and ensure that you are safe and secure at all times.

The consequences for both you and your other household members if someone untrustworthy gets hold of your personal details and information can be profound. They may be able to extract further private information from various online and even offline sources, and use that to commit fraud and theft against you.

This could end up costing you hundreds or even many thousands of pounds depending on which information is taken and how exposed you become.

That’s why we’ve produced a free eBook for you which runs through the main rules and guidance to follow at all times when online, to stay safe and secure.

why should we stay safe online
Our free eBook runs you through the main things to do to ensure you remain safe and secure online at all times.

Download and read through the eBook now and follow the advice and guidance online. This should ensure that you have no problems online and that your private information remains protected.

Why should we stay safe online – want more information?

If you’d like to get more advice, guidance and tips on this, then there are numerous other great resources online that you can access.

One of our personal favourites is the Stay Safe Online website powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). It has a superb range of advice, articles and other resources to tell you pretty much everything you would need to know.


If you are planning on shopping online then be sure to have a read through our free eBook and perhaps some other resources to ensure that you are safe. You shouldn’t take any chances online, especially when shopping for goods. Keep yourself protected at all times and the experience will always be an enjoyable one.