Are you about to become a new mum, or had the joy of bringing a little one into the world recently? Then you might be wondering exactly what baby clothes to buy. One of the most crucial things to think about is what your baby is going to be wearing during their all important first months. This can be somewhat overwhelming, which is why we’ve helped you out by putting together this short guide. Read on to get some great ideas, guidance and inspiration…

#1 – Beanie Hats

Do you already have summer hats for your baby? If not, then this really is an essential item, and not just to ensure that your baby is the coolest kid on the block!

There’s a very good reason that they put a hat on your baby at the hospital – and it’s all down to regulating body temperature. Babies get cold easily, even during the summer months, so having a crafty beanie hat to hand is a great way to warm them up whenever required.

Whether it’s in a chilly air-conditioned restaurant, whilst shopping or in the car – have a beanie hat on hand to ensure your little is always comfortable no matter what the weather does.

#2 – Baby Socks & Tights

Socks are important for your baby, as much like hats they are another important way in which you can regulate your baby’s temperature.

It’s vital to ensure that your baby’s feet stay warm, plus of course baby socks are a great way to add something special to an outfit.

One good tip though when it comes to baby socks – look for ones that have a decent elasticated top, so it’s trickier for your little one to keep removing them!

For some high-quality and stylish options check out our range of babies and children’s socks and tights, including these fabulous Non-Slip Baby Booties:

#3 – Baby Leggings

One of the most amazing and essential things about baby leggings are that they are so incredibly versatile.

This is why they should be an absolute stable in your baby’s wardrobe and are included in this list. Because they are stretchy and soft they are great for all manner of things including walks and for when your little one is crawling around.

Plus of course they also look great and can be styled in a number of ways. For example, you can pull them up over a bodysuit or style them under a complimentary dress.

Show some extra love with these Heart Baby Roll- Up Joggers:

#4 – Rompers

In case you’re not already aware of what a romper is exactly, it’s a top and bottom all-in-one that usually has snaps at the crotch for quick and easy access to change nappies.

There are many reasons to love rompers, not least of all because it means fewer items of clothing for you and your baby! But also they tend to be super stylish and come in a range of funky and fun styles and designs. Look for light and breathable options to help maintain the perfect temperature for your child at all times.

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Further advice about what baby clothes to buy

Want more help and advice regarding what baby clothes to buy? The Pampers website has some more great advice and further guidance which you might find helpful.

Conclusion regarding what baby clothes to buy

We hope you have enjoyed this post on what baby clothes to buy, and found it useful. Do feel free to reach out to us if you would like any further help and advice.