Shimmer Scarf with Beautiful Ombre Colour Combination


Shimmering Scarf is available in beautiful ombre colour combinations with a scattered layer of gold glitter, which is not loose, which mean means you are safe from spreading it. The perfect scarf to contrast with any outfit or even introduce a splash of colour.



This Dew Bees Shimmer Scarf with Beautiful Ombre Colour Combination is perfect to contrast with any outfit or even introduce a splash of colour on a plain outfit. This Scarf has a scattered layer of gold glitter which is not loose.

The scarf comes in 16 different colour combinations. Which makes it one of the most versatile scarves and perfect for any type of outfit. Imagine wearing it for garden parties or even as a sarong on those perfect days at the beach.

Product Specifications for Shimmer Scarf with Beautiful Ombre Colour Combination:

Viscose and Polyester blend.

90cm wide x 180cm long.
Wash Care/ Advice:

How to tie a women’s scarf – a guide for you.

Are you wondering how to tie a women’s scarf? The scarf is a highly versatile item in your wardrobe, not least in part because there are so many ways in which you can tie it.

Let’s run through a few of them now for you.

4 How to Tie a Woman’s Scarf Methods

Here are 4 of our favourite methods for how to tie a women’s scarf methods, there are quite a few more but for now we’ll just focus on these ones as they give you a good range of various ways to tie your scarf to get you started with some inspiration and guidance.

The Cowgirl

For this one, simply fold your scarf in half so that you have a triangle. With the long side of the triangle facing towards you, pull the two corners around your neck until the scarf touches your chin. Then finally loosely knot the scarf in the front.

The Side Knot

This one requires you to fold the scarf into a triangle. Take the two corners and tie them around your neck into a half knot, going off to the side.

The Kimono

For the Kimono method, take two adjacent corners and then tie them together. Do the same with the other corners so that you end up with a rectangle shape. Finally, place the scarf around your shoulders, by using the spaces created by the knots as armholes.

The Halter Cover-Up

For our final method wrap the scarf around your chest. Then pull tightly to cross the other two corners, then bring the corners up and around your neck. Finally, tie a half knot to secure the scarf around your body.

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Did you know that the Beautiful Ombre Colour Combinations featured in this range of Dew Bees scarves is also becoming very popular amongst the fashion elite for hair colourings? Check out this blog post from Schwarzkopf that gives you the low-down on this recent hair trend.


Additional information


90cm x 180cm


Viscose and Polyester blend. Machine washable.


Black Green, Black White, Blue Cream, Blue Khakhi, Brown Cream, Burgundy Gold, Cream Blue, Cream Red, Fusia Black, Fusia Pink, Green Aqua, Green Red, Maroon Black, Red Black, Salmon Gold, Yellow Mustard


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