Square Silk Scarf – Amelia Nature Collection – Blue

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The Square Silk Scarf in Blue from the Amelia Nature Collection will make an oh-so-feminine addition to your look. Outlined with an opulent contrast trim, this Amelia style is decorated in bright vintage-inspired florals and hummingbirds and features the house’s emblem printed at the corner.

Composition: 100% Mulberry Silk

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The Square Silk Scarf from the Amelia Nature Collection in Blue will make an oh-so-feminine addition to your wardrobe. Outlined with an opulent trim decorated in bright vintage bird and bloom pattern.

The elegant floral pattern focuses on the beauty of nature around us. The Hummingbird is an ancient symbol for joy, good luck and positive energy.  Because of this, hummingbird has been selected for this design. The vintage feel of the design coupled with a luxurious and smooth feel of the Mulberry Silk is amazing.  The versatility truly complements both formal and informal attire, making the Square Silk Scarf from the Amelia Nature Collection the choice of style.

For those who like to push the boundaries, it is ideal to wear as a halter neck, waist belt, handbag accessory to name a few.

Composition: 100% Mulberry Silk, 22mm (mommes)

 Size: 110cm x 110cm

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Silk is known for its beautiful drape and absorbent nature, along with other positive factors. Due to this silk is selected by many designers as choice of fabric for scarves. Here are some of the qualities because if which we like silk for scarves.

  • Texture. Silk is incredibly smooth and soft with a flattering sheen, giving it a high-end and luxurious appeal.
  • Strength and durability. It is also one of the strongest natural fibres. Silk is often blended with other fibres, such as cotton, for added sturdiness.
  • Elasticity. The material’s flexibility makes it ideal for garments and upholstery.
  • Absorbency. Silk is one of the most absorbent fabrics, therefore it handles moisture well in clothing items.


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100% Mulberry Silk


110cm x 110cm


Pink, Emerald Green ,Cyan, Blue , Black


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