Here at Dew Bees, we absolutely love our Large Silk Scarves – and for good reason. There are a host of amazing benefits to going large that you’re missing out on if you don’t currently have an oversized scarf of this type in your collection. Let us enlighten you now with our top 5 benefits.

It keeps you extra warm and cosy

First and foremost – the extra size of large silk scarves ensure that you’ll be extra warm and cosy wherever you choose to wear it. Whether it be out and about on a spring day trip. Or something to cover up on a mild summer’s night. This is where a larger silk scarf comes into it’s own.

Added protection for your all-important neck area

In practices such as acupuncture and Chinese medicine, your neck is identified as one of the most important focal points of your entire body. This means that it’s vital to protect and shield it from the elements. One of the best ways you can do this is using an oversized scarf. The extra size will give you more to wrap around your neck area. This means you have added protection to keep any neck-related problems at bay.

More wearability options with Large Silk Scarves

Okay enough about highly-sensible health-related benefits we hear you say. Tell me more about how they make me look good! Okay, so a large silk scarf gives you more options than a small scarf. The extra material means you can wrap and drape in more styles. This gives you more flexibility in terms of how you can combine your scarf with the rest of your outfit.

You can make a bigger impression and get noticed

Sometimes small and subtle is the way to go with your scarves. But sometimes you just need that bold and vibrant centre-piece that turns heads. This is where a large silk scarf can be the perfect accessory. With more material to work with, designs can be extra striking and intriguing. It’s this that promises to get you more of the right kind of attention.

Looking for Large Silk Scarves to wear now?

Take a look at this Vintage Design option from our collection. Made of the finest Twill Silk with intricate prints, it evokes the elegance and refinement of classical movie stars and royalty.

Large Silk Square Scarf – Vintage Design from Dew Bees

Want some inspiration and creative ideas?

Here’s a lovely post from fashion bible Harpers Bizarre that covers 7 Cool Girl Ways to Tie a Scarf – and offers up a few tricks on how to wear the classic accessory like a fashion editor.