We all want our children to look smart, sassy and elegant, and it’s often tricky to keep up with modern trends and styles for your children with all the other demanding tasks and activities that come as a natural part of being a parent. So that’s why we’ve tried to help you to ensure that your child looks their very best throughout this year, with our guide to the Key Childrenswear Trends for 2020. Read on to learn what to look out for…



I have seen quite a few ‘dark’ collections. And with dark, I mean autumn shades, browns, greens and ochre. Beautiful but not really my cup of tea for a summer collection. The designers tell me that it is hard to feel inspired when you design summer collections during winter. And they also tell me that the collections are delivered very early these days.

That is true but from my own experience and shopping habits, I know that once the shops put A/W collections on sale, I am ready to see light, fresh, crisp, and happy summer clothes. Not more of the dark. And retailers confirm my thinking.

If you want plenty of colour in your child’s life then check out this fantastic Sea Front Dress containing bright shades of blue, red and orange.

Childrenswear Trends for 2020

Childrenswear Trends for 2020

More about colours

Of course, the halls were not only decked in rusty shades and goth tones. I would say that the ‘shade of 2020’ will be everything on the yellow line. Prints, tie-dye, accessories, bright, soft, or stripes.

Fabrics featuring in Childrenswear Trends for 2020

Not new but everywhere in the kids fashion world now – Tencel. What is Tencel? It is a fiber made from the wood pulp of trees and produced using recyclable, Earth-friendly solvents. When blended with cotton, Tencel adds wrinkle-resistance and the feel of silk.
The eco and sustainability factor is steadily growing and every brand is looking for solutions for a smaller footprint!

The toweling fabric is big too, especially with the sport-chic wave still going strong.

In contrast, there is tulle which we are seeing for several seasons by now. And there is lots, especially in the form of layers and with big volumes. Colours are ranging from pale, soft, ice cream, to bold!

And then there is Seersucker, which is a fabric that I personally like a lot for summer clothes. Very light, chic, and comfortable.

Shapes featuring in Childrenswear Trends for 2020

Dip back hems, oversize dresses, fashion mixed with sports styles, and fringes added here and there.

What else

There are sneakers are everywhere (same as for adults!), stripes are big and bold, lots of fun and interesting collaborations, and swimwear has grown so much!

Childrenswear Trends for 2020
Childrenswear Trends for 2020

More information about Childrenswear Trends for 2020

If you’d like more inspiration and ideas for Childrenswear Trends for 2020 then there’s lots of great posting forums and pinboards that show off some fantastic items. One such Pinterest resource that we love is the Kids trends 2019/2020 board, have a look and see what you can find.