Unique scarves and accessories for unique families just like yours.

Welcome to Dewbees.

Our Story

The Dew Bees story began in 2018 when Shabnam, like most mothers wanted to bridge the life with her new-borns and a career. Her regular job, was too high demanding to give her the balance that she needed, so she took a leap of faith to share her passions with the world one at a time. Shabnam saw that many scarves on the market lacked quality and character and simply stood as insignificant items of wear. Yet they were no less an accessory than jewellery and handbags to complete your look.

High-Quality Eloquence with a Personal Touch

So Shabnam started her journey to create scarves for different looks and purposes which she continues to add to her list. From the simplicity of plain high quality pashminas to compliment the subtlety of your look, to the more eloquent and charismatic silk scarves to draw out your inner most sensual character, her range simply has a place with everyone. Together with her desire to give you the best experience, she ensures that all items are individually checked and hand packed with a personal touch just to let you know how special you truly are. Her designs and quality are loved by those that have bought. Since starting she has also added jewellery, hair accessories and children’s wear all of which are created with the same passion and enthusiasm as her scarves.

The Dew Bees hummingbird – your symbol of quality

We should also tell you a little about the Dew Bees hummingbird, a rare and beautiful bird that has stood as the bringer of joy, luck, hope, comfort, love, appreciation, enjoyment, independence and optimism through all of the tough times and good times – and stands central in our logo and can be seen in some of our special pieces.

We hope that it brings you just as much as it has brought to us. This is who we are, so come join us and be a part of our story, because we would like to be a part of yours, even if we are wrapped around you in the form of one of our unique scarves and accessories.